Our team believes in capturing your special day in the most cinematic and emotional way possible. Our storytelling approach allows you to relive that moment time and time again at the press of a single button. We bring over 8 years of experience in creating heartfelt films that translate the essence of your unique love story. We are dedicated to delivering the most professional grade films using nothing but top industry equipment that make a statement and set your video apart from the rest. We pay attention to every detail and stand by creating a genuine connection with every couple from the day you book your wedding until the day your final deliverables are received & beyond 


“Palm Visuals is truly amazing. We hired them for our wedding videography at an outdoor venue near Mount Rainier during August of 2018. They knocked it out of the park (no pun intended). We are so thankful for the work they did capturing the most important moment of our lives and mine. Their work is of the utmost caliber, and their dedication to quality impressed me as I noticed them travel long and far and set up bright and early to capture the now, not so subtle details of our amazing experience. From the effort they took to make us feel special like movie stars on our special day with their creativity in the shots, to the music selection and fast turn-around time of our video. Thank you, Yamil and Palm Visuals"  


- Mike & Andrea Mulch

“These guys are amazing! As a wedding coordinator, I work with several videography teams but these guys are definitely on top of their game. Very professional, passionate about what they do, ready to capture every moment and so easy to communicate with"

Rosalynn / Wedding Planner / My Perfect Wedding Assistant

“Palm Visuals couldn't have been a better choice for the day of our wedding. Ellen our wedding coordinator made such a wonderful recommendation and we automatically knew that Palm Visuals would be such a good fit for us. We met with Dorian a couple of months prior to get the logistics squared away. He made it a quick and painless process, which was a weight off of our shoulders with all the other things to take care of.During the wedding day, it was as if Dorian and his team were part of our celebration. Nothing felt forced and they both really captured the feeling of the day. They were both very professional and courteous. We watched the highlight and the footage definitely brought us back to our wedding day. On a scale of one to ten, I'd give them a ten and highly recommend Palm Visuals for an event or wedding. Thank you so much!" 

- Derek & Xenia

“Honestly trying to find the words to explain how truly blessed and honored we are to have had Palm Visuals capture our wedding. We will forever be grateful for the passion, talent, and energy that the gentleman brought to our day. From the moment they arrived - we knew they were about to make magic! With the chaos of your wedding day let me tell you one thing you won’t have to stress is their process. With little direction they set up, built relationships with other vendors, and honestly captured the most important moments of our life. One thing I have noticed at weddings is it seems like every where you look there are photographers and videographers- let me tell you with these gentleman NOT THE CASE! Somehow they blend into the day but capture every moment as if you are reliving it. Their production is unmatched and truly feels like a movie. All in all- we couldn’t imagine our special day without them and forever will have the greatest gift of being able to watch their production to relive it over and over again. Thank you Palm Visuals!

- Danielle & Quevonshe Patton

“Palm Visuals did such an amazing job filming our wedding and I would absolutely recommend them! Yamil and Dorian captured every special moment and we couldn't be happier with how our videos turned out. They were so efficient in getting you to the spots they wanted shots at and when they were working in the background there was times I forgot they were there lol. Thank you so much again for the great work, you guys are the best!! 

-Brandon & Angelica